Our core Business

Energy producers are falling behind the global need for the increase of affordable production of electricity. Coal based production methods are counter-productive to the IEA goal of “net zero carbon” by 2050.

Electrus Tech offers the cleanest, self-contained, and renewable energy solution in the Infinity System™.

The intense growth in the electric vehicle market in undeniable and predictable. As the market rapidly grows, more manufacturers will want to introduce their own custom vehicle for their own market space.

Electrus Tech will enable an existing manufacturer, a third party wanting a unique vehicle with custom applications, or a new start-up with immediate options for the energy, motor and base unit to jump start their exterior and infotainment designs.

By utilizing the Infinity System™ any company, large or small, can custom build their own vehicle for a specific purpose.


What is the infinity SYSTEM™?

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Electrus Tech is owned and operated by a group of industry and technology experts, with each having a specific skill and trade technique to make this amazing company truly unique.

A loyal and diverse group of experienced and self-educated individuals have come together to develop extreme solutions to some of the most common human problems: clean drinking water; green, renewable energy; and environmentally friendly energy integration into everyday products.

As a group, we have been able to brainstorm ideas into tangible solutions with an emphasis on ease of production, cost to consumer and protection of technology so it is affordable and accessible to everyone.