Electrus Tech has been self funded over the last 6 years. Most of the research and development has been testing potential graphene solutions for specific product integration, such as solar and water purification. Over $3.5 million has been consumed in this solution specific research.

Ongoing patent registration and approval are a continuing business expense. Electrus Tech predicts the need for about 40 patents that will need to be completed prior to the production and implementation of the Infinity System™.

The development of a production facility and manufacturing equipment will cost approximately $14 million to complete a graphene oxide manufacturing site, assembly facility and research and development laboratory to integrate the various consumer products.


The worldwide electric automobile market will continue to grow at an accelerated rate every year for the foreseeable future. However, natural resources, such as lithium, are already being consumed at an unsustainable pace. Alternative solutions for power and energy are upon us and a solution must be found.

The Infinity System™ utilizing graphene proprietary technology offers a solution to the government manufacturing requirements and relief to the shrinking lithium natural resources around the world.

Electrus Tech stands alone with a natural solution, protecting consumers and the environment concurrently. Electrus Tech will be a model for manufacturing and responsible product development.