What is the infinity SYSTEM™?

Integrated energy delivery system for automobiles utilizing proprietary products including the Infinity Panel™ and Infinity Motor™.

The Infinity Panel™ is a small graphene panel collecting, storing and distributing electricity to an electric vehicle. Some characteristics include:

  • NEVER needs to be charged, unlimited mileage range.
  • Supplies constant electricity to the Infinity Motor™ directly.
  • Works without the need for battery system in vehicle.
  • Lifetime warranty and fully functional guarantee.
  • Stores an additional 10,000 to 40,000 kWh of energy.
  • Graphene based system that only requires light to regenerate.

The Infinity Motor™ is a series of up to four motors specifically designed to operate under the extreme energy being delivered by the Infinity Panel™. Some characteristics include:

  • One motor per wheel delivery system.
  • Top speed of over 200 MPH.
  • Up to 900 Horsepower.
  • Scalable system to adjust for smaller and larger vehicles.

Electrus Tech has invented, designed, developed and completely owns all of its’ products and systems.

Currently holds and in the process of establishing over 40 patents to protect the proprietary information and intellectual property within the Infinity System™. Seeking one master licensing agreement within each industry to partner with the integration, platform design and distribution of the Infinity System™.